Join us in mobilizing resources to support and inspire Colorado's people
in their preservation of meaningful places, heritage, and history.

In 1965, The Colorado Historical Foundation was established to bolster the state's and other entities' efforts to commemorate, preserve and share the history of Colorado's diverse people and places. The spirit of statewide collaboration and support infuses the Foundation's core focus today: Conserving historic places, adapting old buildings for today's needs, and supporting the places that provide public access to history.

The Foundation strives to make Colorado a place where all people feel reflected in its history and can build an equitable future informed by the past.

The deployment of resources entrusted to the Foundation makes it possible for people to access and explore Colorado's diverse history through educational programs, experiences, stories, objects, documents, and historic places. The Foundation partners with private parties, public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and informal coalitions to keep history alive.

Historic Property Redevelopment

Apply for flexible, low-rate financing to adapt and sustain Colorado's existing buildings for today's needs. 

New Sheridan Hotel

Conservation Easements

Learn how conservation easements protect Colorado's historic buildings, structures, and landscapes.

Boggsville Preservation

Follow progress on restoring and protecting this historic nexus of diverse cultural heritage in southeast Colorado.

Mapping History

Find statewide survey plans that identify places associated with people and events often excluded from historic designations.

historic bank entrance

Sustaining History and Heritage

Establish or add to a fund dedicated to supporting public access to history research, resources, exhibits, and programming.

Explore our 100+ Conservation Easement Sites

Also learn about the social and cultural significance of some of our diverse properties.

Beyond the Buildings Blog: Diverse Voices from the Past 

The Foundation is deeply committed to preserving Colorado's treasured buildings and cultural landscapes, we are also drawn to the diverse people who lived, worked, and gathered within our historic conservation easement sites. Place-based history connects today's people to the events and lives of women, men, and children who once lived, worked, and gathered in those same spaces.