Our experienced and professional staff and volunteer leaders are passionate about history, preservation, and the diverse people, legacies, architecture, archaeology, and landscapes that make Colorado unique.


Executive Director Catherine Stroh enjoys exploring Colorado's diverse range of geography, communities and history. An experienced nonprofit leader, Stroh's background includes owning an advertising agency, serving as the American Institute of Architects Colorado Chapter CEO, working for an insurance trade association, and merging five nonprofit organizations into one. She obtained her Master of Nonprofit Management degree from Regis University.

Director of Preservation Programs Cindy Nasky has a love for, and extensive experience in historic preservation practice, project management, grant administration and consultation. Nasky has worked with the Foundation for over 15 years as the lead on easement administration and project consultation. She earned her Master of Arts degree in Public History/Historic Preservation from Colorado State University.

Colorado Historical Foundation Board of Trustees

Dominick Sekich, President

Tina Bishop, Secretary
Frank Kugeler, Treasurer  

Joseph Halpern, Vice President

Mary Lyn Ballantine, Trustee

Nathan Boyless, Trustee
Larry Friedberg FAIA, Trustee  

Yvonne Garcia Bardwell, Trustee
Matt Goebel, Trustee  

Elizabeth Hallas, Trustee

Fabby Hillyard, Trustee

Carl Hutchins, Trustee

Edward Nichols, Trustee

Dr. Shirley Powell, Trustee

Thomas Rodriguez, Trustee  

Agnes Ryan, Trustee
Ekaterini Vlahos, Trustee  

CHF Revolving Loan Fund 

Board of Directors

Frank Kugeler, President

Susan Powers, Secretary

Bruce O'Donnell, Treasurer

Dominick Sekich, Director

Ryan Wilcox, Director

Professional Partners

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP

Colorado Housing and Finance Authority 

Segall Bryant & Hamill

Moye White LLP

Volunteer Opportunities

Find out how you can volunteer with the Colorado Historical Foundation. Join one of our boards or committees and share your community connections, business or professional expertise, and interest in Colorado's history.

Commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion

We believe...

Cultural heritage resources should be reflective of all communities involved.

Acknowledging the past in an open and holistic manner can build a foundation
for an inclusive future.

Justice and equity can be advanced through documentation, interpretation, and
preservation of cultural heritage.

We commit to...

Investing in respectfully collecting, preserving, sharing, and supporting history and historic contributions of people who have suffered discrimination and injustice.

Being active listeners and collaborators with individuals and organizations closest
to the histories of those who have suffered discrimination and injustice to amplify their voices.

Becoming inclusive in our board composition to welcome the multiple perspectives
of Colorado history.